web apps design

everything grows from the design (and other musings)

This section covers the Service Design, Application Design, Prototyping and Program Delivery parts of my design practices.
ux design, program delivery and service design
Major design projects with the Department of Health, IP Australia, WorldStack, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, and Access Canberra from 2016 onwards.
enterprise applications
Working in much bigger systems with whole-of-government reach. Projects were undertaken for the Clean Energy Regulator, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, DWS Consultants and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Work on this page covers the period from late 2010 until late 2015.
s.t.e.m. software
I've worked on a couple of STEM programming interfaces based on both Microbric's own framework EdWare, and EdBlocks, which is based on Scratch from MIT's Scratch Foundation. 
consulting and front-end dev work
Worked on UX/UI design enterprise web applications, a financial services budgeting platform, and front-end development and UI design of security vetting application from 2005 until late 2010. I even did some front-end UI dev work.
web sites, w.a.p. and early phone apps
Work on UX/UI design and front-end development of telco and enterprise web applications and desktop software products from 1998 until late 2005. Note that this was before smartphones, so the look and feel of the design is pre-iPhone and, in some cases, pre-CSS!
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