The blackbox is a part of this portfolio that deals with hidden content. 
It is the nature of working as a contractor in large business enterprise and government projects that the only people that get to see and use the software I design are people that work inside the organisation. Software I've designed - and in some cases helped develop - is used across whole of government in and around Australia and overseas. ​​​​​​​

There is no simple link I can provide (and in most cases not even a screen shot), of the software UI that can post here in my portfolio.
The next best thing is on the personal level. I'm kind of fond of conversation over a cup of coffee.
In the mean time, I'm currently building a photographic portfolio of Canberran architecture, so you'll soon see some familiar images appearing during the run up to summer if you know your CBR buildings, and  then you'll know who I've worked for...

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