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After nearly four years I've finally got the time and fresh ideas needed to put together a new show. I'd previously posted some my last four years work up on my old web site but there was no real theme that grabbed me; one that was worth the effort to mount a full-blown solo effort.

Until now. A fresh look at the directons I've taken in the last four years has allowed me to focus on two particular strands for this show. The first strand was the purely line- and colour-based studies that made up my online show GeoMax in 2002/3, and the second strand was a revisiting of textural pieces based on initial photographic studies, similar to previous shows.

The result is my current show, The Binary Eye which opened first in Melbourne at Fitzroy in July this year.
I plan to tour the show to Sydney and Canberra later in 2006; they are still in the planning stages and details will be posted closer to the events.

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