Look Up
Look Down
Red Light
Green Light
Binary Eye
The theme of this show - Red Light, Green Light - may have a number of meanings within the context of the present times we find ourselves in.

Could it be about our hectic stop/go lifestyle in the digital era? Perhaps it is about the controls imposed on our lives by internal and external forces? Or maybe it is about the nature of light itself and the way we think about colour in the digital age?

It is, in fact, all of the above. It all stems from my experimentation with computers as a creative tool and this realisation should be viewed in this context.

The illustrations and design elements I create in my working life impose their own limitations on where I want to go creatively. The images in this show are my attempts to break out of the strictures imposed by the commercial imperative. I don’t have to please a client or end customer; just myself.

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