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Reproduction of any prints by any means, including but not limited to desktop inkjet printers, is strictly prohibited. Please view on-line only and DO NOT save to disk, other than what is required to view within the pages of this web site.

Unlike some struggling artists out there, I DO know all about international copyright law since I taught Arts Law for 5 years at a University in Melbourne, Australia. I don't like being ripped off; as with all artists, I think people ripping off other peoples work is the lowest form of theft.

Archived Digital Works

A digital image is normally supplied with each limited edition print that is sold as a copy that can be used to re-print the image only if the original print becomes stolen, damaged or destroyed. It must be printed in the original size only and each re-printing must be registered with the artist or his agent to continue its providence.

Prints from smaller sized unlimited edition print runs do not have these rights.

Last updated October 2006.

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