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All images on this site and others not featured but are derivative works of images on this site are all © Copyright 1987-2010 Stephen W Holmes.

Reproduction of any images or designs by any means, including but not limited to desktop inkjet printers, is strictly prohibited. Please view on-line only and DO NOT save to disk, other than what is required to view within the pages of this web site.

I don't like being ripped off; as with all ethical designers, I think people ripping off other people's work is the lowest form of theft.

This web site was predominantly built in Adobe GoLive v9.0.Thanks to all the developers who created this wonderful application, from the original GoLive Cyberstudio I started with way back in early 1998. Using it has been a joy, and brickbats to Adobe for discontinuing it.

I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign for the majority of my work featured on this site. Thanks Adobe Systems

I use and love MooTools Javascript framework. That is the base of my manually operated slideshow using Fx.slide, but I'm not a fan of automatic carousels, so modified it to be manual under the control of you the viewer.

Thanks to the Rob and the team at Big Bang Software for the wonderful MenuMachine for GoLive plugin. Keep going Rob!

Finally, I do all of my work on an Apple Macintosh and have done so since 1986. Stay tuned for the section of this site dedicated to my Mac collection!