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Who is stephenwho?

I'm Stephen Holmes, a Canberra-based
UI/UX (user interface and user experience) digital designer with a dash of information architect and accessibility evangelist thrown in.

I can help you develop your ideas to become exceedingly useful digital tools that people can instantly get things done with. I can help your customers find simplicity and beauty in unbearably complex processes that they just can't grasp until I help you show them how.

I really don't care about the minutiae of tools/systems/frameworks and other perceived roadblocks. I can research, diagram, wireframe, prototype, test and document with the best of them, but I’m always focussed on the the end-game: great solutions.

Challenge me and you'll be rewarded.

Stephen Holmes, 2014


Featured project - ux practice

Department of Veterans' Affairs

I worked on a short three-month contract as a senior Usability Business Analyst with initiation phase of the Veterans First Program.

Using business process artefacts developed by the team I created a comprehensive set of business-friendly diagrams that demonstrate the key service touch-points for staff and clients along task timeline map of all of the system’s end-to-end processes

Work undertaken

  • User research,
  • Stakeholder engagement,
  • End-to-end customer experience mapping

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Featured project - website interfaces

Stroudgate Pty Ltd

Stroudgate is a business publishing group whose expertise in publishing includes representing Government, peak industry bodies/associations, chambers of commerce, and producing custom publications.

A total redesign of their web site was undertaken in early 2010. Part of the brief was to make all screens viewable with minimal browser scrolling. This publications page uses a side scrolling slide show where a visitor clicks on a magazine cover icon to scroll the centre information block

Work undertaken

  • Design,
  • User interface design,
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript,

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Featured project - software interfaces

Beacon BIDS Workflow Icons

Beacon's rapid application development environment, BIDS, has a workflow utility software tool that allows users to visually arrange how a document that is created by the system is managed through that system.

Each icon in the BIDS Workflow Tool represents a type of document phase or API interaction in that is displayed on the screen. Clicking on the icon allows a user to set its operational parameters.

Work undertaken

  • Icon design,
  • Graphics production.

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Featured project - corporate design

Zamia Smart Business Services

This corporate identity was designed for ZamiaSBS in Canberra.

The logo is a stylised illustration of one of the many forms of Zamia, a succulent plant known for its ability to survive in harsh conditions. It also is a series of ticks in traffic light colours that represent the processes of helping small business develope their marketing promotions.

Work undertaken

  • Design,
  • Logo,
  • PDF and prepress production,
  • Print management.

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Featured project - graphic design

Beacon Software

This was a brochure used to promote Beacon Software's rapid application development software DevSpeed.

The main method of delivery was via a download link on the company's website.

Work undertaken

  • Design,
  • Copywriting,
  • Logo,
  • Photomontage from stock,
  • PDF and prepress production.

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